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People who practice sports often forget about post-workout supplements - they make a big mistake. Exercise is a huge burden on the body. When practicing sports, almost all muscles show an increased demand for glucose - which is the basic substrate of energy processes - and for amino acids, i.e. building molecules.

Providing the body with pre-training supplementation is important because it is a kind of basis for the development of muscle tissue, but the post-training supplement should not be omitted. Post-training sessions play an equally important role in the athlete's body, and the lack of supplementation may have a negative impact not only on well-being, but also on training effects.

Why are post-workout supplements important?

Post-workout supplements provide the body with the necessary nutrients, thus replenishing substances lost during intense physical exercise, as well as improving the processes of regeneration and building muscle tissue. The task of post-workout training is to inhibit catabolic processes by increasing the intensity of anabolic processes. Taking appropriate dietary supplements allows you to limit the use of energy from proteins, which are the basic building blocks of muscles. When amino acids are used up, building muscle tissue becomes more difficult and less effective.

In their action, post-training sessions use the so-called insulin jump, allowing the inhibition of catabolic processes. The use of post-workout supplements is to help the body regenerate by providing quickly digestible protein that will reduce the consumption of stored energy. Some post-workout supplements allow you to replenish your glycogen stores by providing a dose of carbohydrates. Then the body increases the production of insulin, which additionally stimulates anabolic processes.

The best post-workout supplements

Providing the necessary substances will support regeneration and building muscle mass. The choice of available post-training sessions is large, so it is possible to adjust the supplement to individual needs. Our offer includes supplements in the form of powders, capsules or gels.