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Izolat 97 Instant - 1000g - Natural (Isolate)
Koncentrat 80 - 1000g - Natural (Concentrate 80)

Extensor is a brand that deals with the narrow field of supplementation, assuming that it is better to offer customers a narrower range, but maximally refined and polished. This approach made the products under the Extensor logo at the forefront of supplements available on the market, and the brand has a group of loyal customers.

Extensor nutrients - perfection in creation

Sometimes less is better and we can confidently use this term for the manufacturer's assortment. Instead of focusing on multiple projects that it could not devote enough time to, Extensor creates specific supplements with which it dedicates the available resources. This approach results in excellent product quality, which is not found in many competitors. The brand has three flagship products:

  • Glutamine
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate

Extensor supplements - products you'll love

Extensor products are made only from carefully selected ingredients, they are thoroughly tested and proven. The manufacturer declares that its supplements are completely safe and will not adversely affect the health and well-being of the customer, and its goods contain appropriate certificates. The brand's preparations consist of whey protein, a high-quality raw material. The products, thanks to their form, are easy to dissolve and have a milky taste, which allows the customer to create their own drinks and shakes in their favorite flavors based on nutrients. The manufacturer combines high-protein products with the practicality and versatility of the powder form. Protein products by Extensor, such as isolates and concentrates, are made of the highest quality whey. They have also been enriched with basic minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron, as well as a rich amino acid profile. They are the perfect nutrients in which the client will find everything that the training body needs to function properly.

Extensor Wholesale

In our store you can buy Extensor products in wholesale quantities. Trust customer opinions and invest in a high-quality product that will surely win many more hearts. Purchase products in our warehouse, and we will make every effort to ensure that your purchases always reach you on time.