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Stimulants are an effective way to add energy and vitality, especially in moments of fatigue. People who train, both professionally and amateurs, choose stimulants as an effective support before exercise. Stimulants available in the offer of store contain various concentrates of stimulants. After taking them, the connectivity between the brain neurons is improved, the activities of the nervous system are stimulated and the senses are sharpened.

Many supplements of this type work in many ways due to the content of different active substances. Nutrients for better brain function are often enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Action of stimulating nutrients - nervous system and neurotransmitters

The human brain, like all advanced technological systems, relies on the transmission of information. Between nerve cells, substances called neurotransmitters are responsible for the transport of various impulses. The most popular of them are acetylcholine, serotonin or glutamic acid, and the effect of the neurotransmitter on the human body depends on its chemical composition. Nutrients for athletes and mental workers contain substances that increase the release of excitatory neurotransmitters and improve the overall chemical balance of the nervous system.

Active substances in supplements to improve concentration and accelerate learning

Nutrients for better brain function effectively increase the ability to concentrate and facilitate the absorption of new information. Stimulants improve the well-being of people who perform mental work. Among people practicing sports, the preparations gained recognition for their stimulating effect on fat reduction and improvement of exercise capacity. Positive energy and the ability to focus for a long time also translate into greater motivation and better results during training.

Caffeine is the most widely used active ingredient in stimulants. Another popular substance of this type is tyrosine, which has the ability to increase exercise capacity, and also improves the mood thanks to the stimulation of the nervous system. A gentle and natural solution are conditioners with guarana, which enjoy a wide group of supporters. Preparations with the extract of this fruit are released into the blood in a balanced way, which makes them work longer and more evenly. In addition to capsules, powdered guarana is also popular. Consumers are also eager to reach for supplements containing ginseng extract. Ginseng has a stimulating effect and lowers blood glucose levels, which is important for people who want to reduce the amount of body fat. An ingredient enabling long-term focus is also lecithin, which can be taken in the form of capsules. Supplements are recommended during intensive study and overwork, as well as for the elderly. Lecithin also improves blood circulation and has an anti-stress effect.