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Acerola - 250g
3 0
EXP DATE: 30.11.2023
BIO Olej Kokosowy nierafinowany - 900ml
Bio Ashwagandha - 100g
2 2
EXP DATE: 30.11.2023
Bio Cukier kokosowy - 1000g (Bio Coconut Sugar)
Bio Dates - 250g
4 0
EXP DATE: 31.12.2022
Bio Dates - 1000g
0 0

EXP DATE: 31.08.2022

Bio Syrop z Agawy - 1100g...
Orzechy Brazylijskie - 100g
0 0
EXP DATE: 31.10.2023
Błonnik Oczyszczający -...
Chaga Mushroom extract 10:1...
0 0

EXP DATE: 17.04.2023

Chaga Mushroom extract 10:1...
Chlorek Magnezu Sześciowodny - 500g (Magnesium chloride hexahydrate)
Chlorek Magnezu...
Chlorek Magnezu Sześciowodny - 2500g
6 15
EXP DATE: 03.11.2024
Cordyceps Mushroom extract...
0 0

EXP DATE: 08.04.2023

Cordyceps Mushroom extract...
Żurawina Liofilizowana - 50g
2 0
EXP DATE: 31.12.2023
Daktyle - 250g
3 2
EXP DATE: 30.11.2024
Daktyle - 1000g (Dates)
0 6
EXP DATE: 31.12.2023
Dried Plums - 1000g
0 4
EXP DATE: 31.07.2023
Figi Suszone - 500g
3 5
EXP DATE: 31.10.2023
Pieprz czarny mielony - 50g
0 0
EXP DATE: 30.09.2023
Inulina z Cykorii - 500g (chicory inulin)
Inulina z Cykorii - 1000g (chicory inulin)
Jagody Goji - 1000g (Goji berry)
10 0
EXP DATE: 30.09.2023
Kasza gryczana niepalona - 1000g (buckwheat groats)
Ksylitol Finlandia - 1000g (Xylitol Finland)
Siemię Lniane Mielone - 1000g (flax meal)
0 0

EXP DATE: 21.12.2022

Lion's Mane Mushroom...
Migdały Całe - 1000g (whole...
11 0
EXP DATE: 30.04.2023
Millet - 1000g
0 0

EXP DATE: 18.08.2022

Mąka Kokosowa - 1000g (coconut flour)
Mąka Kokosowa - 1000g (coconut flour)
  • New
Młody Jęczmień (proszek)...
Nasiona Chia - 1000g (Chia...
4 0
EXP DATE: 09.08.2024
Olej Arganowy - 100ml....
4 1
EXP DATE: 10.11.2023
Olej Kokosowy Extra Virgin - 500ml (coconut oil)
Olej Kokosowy Extra Virgin - 900ml (coconut oil)
Olej Kokosowy Rafinowany -...
Orzechy Laskowe Łuskane - 500g (shelled hazelnuts)
Orzechy Laskowe Łuskane - 1000g
3 3
EXP DATE: 12.11.2023
Orzechy Włoskie - 500g (walnuts)
4 0
EXP DATE: 30.06.2023
Ostropest Plamisty - 1000g
2 0
EXP DATE: 31.10.2023
Pumpkin Seeds - 500g
1 6
EXP DATE: 30.09.2023
Pyłek kwiatowy - 1000g (Pollen)
4 10
EXP DATE: 05.01.2025
Quinoa Komosa Ryżowa Biała - 1000g (Quinoa Komosa rice white)
Raw Fit - 30g - Almond x20
0 0
EXP DATE: 01.12.2024
Raw Fit - 30g - Fig x20
0 0
EXP DATE: 11.11.2029

Vivio is a relatively young brand, founded in 2014, but it has already gained its loyal customer base. The producer focuses on organic food, as well as vitamins and minerals. Its products are an ideal choice for people who value certificates related to the production and sale of organic food.

Vivio Supplements - Love for Nature

The manufacturer focuses on the natural ingredients of its products. The brand has a wide range of healthy food, including tea, dried fruit, honey, flour, spices, creams and syrups. This is a really large amount of healthy products that are hard to find from other manufacturers with a similar profile. An additional advantage of the brand is undoubtedly the competitive prices, despite the high quality of the raw material. It is also worth paying attention to:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Natural stimulants
  • Natural weight loss aid

Vivio vitamins and minerals - no enhancers

The brand focuses on acquiring nature's goods, therefore its specifics only contain the best of it. Vivio products are mainly in powders and liquids, thanks to which the supplement consists entirely of the active substance, without fillers used in tablets or capsule shells. Thanks to this, in addition to the purity of the composition, the manufacturer convinces these customers. who got used to the powder when taking sports supplements. This is an excellent move as most of the vitamins available on the market are in the form of tablets and capsules.

Vivio healthy food - tasty and healthy

Vivio's healthy food is an explosion of nature's flavors. The brand's offer includes many types of nuts, chia seeds, almonds, figs, berries and dates that are becoming more and more popular. Vivio offers substitutes for traditional sugar, such as xylitol and coconut sugar. There are more coconut-based products, the offer also includes coconut flour and flakes. Vivio's assortment is a real treat for people who like healthy food, and the group of fans of healthy food is constantly growing.

Vivio Wholesale

You can buy Vivio products in wholesale quantities. The products we offer always come from a reliable source, and their highest quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The goods will reach you wherever you need them, even to the farthest corners of the world. Convenient location in the center of Europe allows us to efficiently organize the transport of your purchases. We value your time and know that it is important, therefore we will always send the shipment on time. Choose a provider you can trust. Buy at Muscle Power.