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Cerberus - 60caps.
169 24
EXP DATE: 31.07.2026
Kimera - 60caps.
115 0

EXP DATE: 30.03.2024

Somatodrol - 60caps.
314 377
EXP DATE: 31.03.2027

Iridium Labs is a producer of extremely effective supplements and nutrients for advanced athletes. The offer of Iridium Labs is very rich and advanced in terms of composition and active ingredients. It was prepared for athletes who strive to build muscle mass and achieve a muscular figure. Iridium Labs preparations are known for their effectiveness - thanks to them many people achieved their intended training and bodybuilding goals.

Advanced Supplement Series

To enhance the performance of its products, Iridium Labs has launched advanced supplementation series. Among the products that work in synergy are Somatodrol, Cerberus, Kimera and Minotaur, among others. These top-quality preparations complement each other and provide increased strength, energy, faster regeneration and accelerated effects.

The high effectiveness of nutrients and supplements is due to the combination of various supplements. The active ingredients of Iridium Labs supplements have been combined in such a way that using one preparation supports the action of the other. The product series is designed so your customers can achieve the best results quickly and efficiently.

Iridium Labs supplements and conditioners

Among the Iridium Labs preparations, Somatodrol is by far the most popular - a supplement that increases the amount of the male element in the body, and also increases muscle mass and strength. Other well-known products include Kimera - slimming aid, and Cerberus, which enhances the action of Somatodrol and accelerates regeneration and muscle building. Iridium Labs works with many athletes from various fields. Thanks to this, the brand has the opportunity to test its products in many fields. It can thus expand the use of its nutrients and supplements and constantly improve them to ensure the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

Unique design of Iridium Labs supplements

The feature that definitely distinguishes Iridium Labs supplements and nutrients is their unique extraordinary design. The names of the products refer to characters from Greek mythology - strong, invincible Greek gods and powerful mythical creatures. This thoughtful design makes Iridium Labs products look great on the shelf and encourage you to try it. Carefully refined packaging also makes the customer believe that the composition inside the product was carefully developed in a similar way.