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Hiro.Lab is a producer of high-quality nutrients and supplements for athletes and active people. Many years of experience in representing well-known global brands have resulted in knowledge of the needs of the specific supplement market for athletes. Today, a wide range of satisfied customers means that the brand is constantly expanding its range. Excellent taste, high quality ingredients and aesthetic packaging make customers eagerly choose products of this brand. And if they try it even once - they often come back to it.

Perfect workmanship and the highest quality of Hero.Lab products

Supplements from Hiro.Lab will answer the needs of even the most demanding customers. The company takes into account the various preferences of recipients, so its offer includes as many as a dozen flavors of protein supplements, as well as creatine in various forms - capsules or powder. Thanks to the Hiro.Lab offer, you will provide your store or gym with the necessary products - pre-workout supplements, creatine and protein supplements. With their help, your clients will achieve the desired results and body goals. Hero.Lab products taste and look very good. Thanks to the aesthetic design and high-quality packaging, they will look great on the shelf in your store.

Hiro.Lab - supplements and conditioners

Among the wide range of this manufacturer's products, it is especially worth paying attention to protein supplements, creatine and joint regenerators.

  • Protein supplements - Instant Whey Protein - Hero.Lab protein supplements are characterized by high solubility, a large amount of protein per serving and numerous flavor variants. You can offer your customers protein supplement in as many as 12 different flavors, depending on their taste and taste preferences.
  • Creatines - Hero.Lab TCM - Creatines from Hero.Lab come in the form of powders or capsules. Thanks to Hero.Lab TCM, your customers will achieve their sports goals faster and you will gain a wide group of satisfied customers.
  • Joint regenerators - Pro Flex Hiro.Lab - Pro Flex is one of the top positions on the Hero.Lab product list. This supplement is addressed primarily to athletes, but also all people who care about the health of their motor apparatus or have problems with joints. It is a must-have product in any dietary supplement store.

Hero.Lab - wholesale

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our wholesale Hiro.Lab offer. The wholesale we run brings many benefits to our customers. Due to the fact that we have a logistics center in the center of Europe, we offer fast delivery times. As an official distributor of the Hero.Lab brand, we also offer shortened transaction times and reliable deliveries. We maintain a high standard of products in our warehouses to enable you to purchase in such quantity, what you need.