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12x Thermo Shape 2.0 - 90caps.
13 2
EXP DATE: 05.07.2025
12x Thermo Shape 2.0 -...
6 0
EXP DATE: 23.06.2024
20x Electroactive Tabs -...
100% Isolate De Luxe - 700g - Banana
100% Isolate De Luxe - 700g - Chocolate
100% Isolate De Luxe - 700g - Vanilla
8 9
EXP DATE: 12.12.2025
ActivLab Bidon - 650ml
0 10
EXP DATE: 11.11.2029
Activlab Vitamin B12 500IU...
58 3
EXP DATE: 12.10.2025
Adek Vita - 60caps.
2 0
EXP DATE: 25.01.2024
Adek Vita - 60caps. - Sale
0 10

EXP DATE: 08.04.2024

Alcar Elements - 90caps.
0 11
EXP DATE: 12.06.2025
Amino Complex - 300tab.
3 26
EXP DATE: 30.08.2025
Anti-Aging A.C.N.E. Caps -...
0 9
EXP DATE: 20.04.2025
Anti-Aging A.G.E. Control -...
0 10
EXP DATE: 25.04.2025
Anti-Aging Flawless Hair -...
0 10
EXP DATE: 26.04.2025
Anti-Aging Glutathione...
Anti-Aging MULTI Skin -...
0 1
EXP DATE: 20.04.2025
Anti-Aging NAD - 60caps.
0 11
EXP DATE: 25.04.2025
Anti-Aging PEPTI Collagen -...
Anti-Aging Resveratrol...
Arginine 3 - 120caps.
2 0
EXP DATE: 07.08.2025
Arthreo Free - 60 kaps.
12 3
EXP DATE: 03.07.2025
Ashwagandha - 60caps
12 3
EXP DATE: 03.07.2025
Ashwagandha - 90caps.
0 0
EXP DATE: 18.07.2025
BCAA 1000 XXL - 120tabs.
8 6
EXP DATE: 17.10.2025
BCAA 1000 XXL - 240tabs.
27 0
EXP DATE: 06.09.2024
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Fruit Splash - 800g -...
BCAA Shot - 100ml - ORANGE x12
36 0
EXP DATE: 31.05.2024
BCAA Xtra - 500g - Cherry
6 0
EXP DATE: 08.11.2024
BCAA Xtra - 500g - Grapefruit
6 0
EXP DATE: 12.07.2025
BCAA Xtra - 500g - Lemon
12 0
EXP DATE: 08.11.2024
BCAA Xtra - 500g - Orange
12 1
EXP DATE: 26.07.2025
BCAA Xtra - 500g - Strawberry
5 0
EXP DATE: 18.10.2025
BCAA Xtra Drink - 330ml -...
19 0
EXP DATE: 13.07.2024
BCAA Xtra Drink - 330ml -...
BCAA Xtra Drink - 500ml -...
0 0
EXP DATE: 21.03.2024
BCAA Xtra Drink - 500ml -...
BCAA Xtra Drink - box...
BCAA Xtra Drink Energy -...
BCAA Xtra Fruit Splash -...
BCAA Xtra Fruit Splash -...

ActivLab is a Polish producer of supplements, nutrients and accessories for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professional players. ActivLab preparations include mainly protein supplements, amino acids, joint regenerators, isotonic drinks, protein bars, vitamins and minerals. All of them are made of the highest quality certified ingredients and as a result of a safe production process.

ActivLab is a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. It guarantees innovative formulas that have been developed in the ActivLab's own laboratories. ActivLab preparations are customer made products - from recipes to labels, they were created together with customers. They are very popular among the audience because they were not created in isolation from their target group - athletes and sports enthusiasts had a real impact on the production process from start to finish. Thanks to this, ActivLab supplements are safe and give real results.

ActivLab supplements and conditioners - real innovations

ActivLab is by far a pioneer in the field of innovation. ActivLab laboratories first created BCAA in the form of a ready-made drink and a pioneering drink with beta- alanine. ActivLab was one of the first manufacturers in the world to introduce poultry protein hydrolyzate and the most complete set of electrolytes. If you do not want your store to fall behind, you need to stock up on innovative modern ActivLab supplements!

BCAA and ActivLab creatine - vitamins and minerals in ActivLab supplements

BCAA and creatine are particularly popular among ActivLab preparations. Every athlete has heard of ActivLab amino acid supplements. BCAA amino acids with ActivLab can be supplemented in the form of an innovative BCAA Xtra drink or in the form of a classic powder - in various proportions, in various flavor options, as well as in versions containing vitamins and minerals. ActivLab has also introduced BCAAs based on poultry protein hydrolyzate (with high digestibility) and veg.

Creatines ActivLab come in the form of malate and monohydrate. ActivLab has prepared some great combinations - it created creatine with beta-alanine, with BCAAs or with caffeine. These and many other products were created to meet the expectations of the largest group of such demanding recipients as athletes.

Wholesale ActivLab - quality products at a good price

Innovative and effective ActivLab supplements and nutrients are products that must be included in your store's assortment. They are characterized by high quality and affordable - that's why customers love them. The ActivLab offer is wide and addressed to active people practicing various types of sports - exercise, performance or strength. Among the ActivLab supplements and supplements, it is worth paying attention to, among others:

  • Amino acids - for example Amino Complex in tablets or BCAA Xtra in powder, tablets or ready-to-drink form
  • Protein supplements - top quality isolates and concentrates, with vegetable protein instead of animal protein, the formulas no added sugar or low in fat, and in unique flavors - from classic to really tempting flavors of cheesecake with orange, coconut with vanilla, chocolate with plum... all to suit your customers' tastes,
  • Fat burners - including thermogenics from the Thermo Shape,
  • Carbohydrate preparations, i.e. high-quality gainers enriched with vitamin minerals - ActivLab Mass Up in many unique flavors,
  • Joint regeneration supplements - capsules and tablets.

In our wholesale ActivLab offer we have a wide range of brand products at sensational wholesale prices. We give you reliability of deliveries and we guarantee high quality of products coming straight from the manufacturer. Due to the favorable location, we are able to deliver goods throughout Europe. We offer high quality services and fast transaction execution.