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Catabolism processes are breakdown reactions. It is particularly important for athletes that muscle catabolism occurs as a result of training in the case of insufficient energy reserves. Then, by breaking chemical bonds in the muscle tissue, energy is released. To prevent this from happening and to allow the growth of an active musculoskeletal system, people who want to stay in shape often choose to supplement amino acids, including glutamine, with supplements. Substances that inhibit muscle breakdown are also known as anti-catabolics. As a result of their action, the loss of valuable amino acids is reduced, lean mass gain increases and muscle strength increases.

Glutamine has the highest concentration of any free amino acid in human muscle. Although it is an endogenous compound, i.e. produced in the body, many athletes struggle with its deficiencies in muscle tissue. This is because glutamine is primarily used not by the muscles but by the nervous and immune systems. Glutamine supplementation is recommended in the case of highly strenuous workouts, because too much loss of this ingredient may have negative effects on the functioning of the whole body in the form of brain disorders or deterioration of substance absorption nutrients in the intestines.

L-glutamine - the form of glutamine most commonly found in supplements

L-glutamine is the form most commonly found in supplements on the market. It is a compound necessary for the production of glutathione, which, as a strong antioxidant, plays an important role in maintaining the overall well-being of the body. It increases the endurance capacity of the body and cardiovascular capacity, therefore maintaining its concentration at an appropriate level is especially important around the training period. L-glutamine also increases the production of glycogen, the spare form of carbohydrate produced in the liver. In addition to regular supplementation, L-glutamine can also be taken by athletes in the form of short-term drinks after extremely intense training. The small sachets are compact and contain a measured dose, ready to be dissolved in water.

Dosage of anti-catabolics in athletes

Glutamine is characterized by the fact that its blood level rises quickly and falls just as quickly. For this reason, athletes recommend taking smaller doses of the supplement 2-3 times a day. The upper limit of the daily amino acid intake in a formulation like Gluta Fusion is 40 grams.