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Cooking Spray

Frying is one of the quickest and easiest ways to prepare a warm meal. However, this requires the use of fat, but with the help of spray oil, its consumption during cooking is drastically reduced. In the store you can find many versions of this product, which differ, among other things, in the origin of the oils.

Cooking sprays are popular with people who want to reduce their fat intake for health reasons and among competitive athletes on a special diet. Spray oil is sealed in a bottle under pressure, and when sprayed it allows you to grease the entire surface of the pan with a few drops of the product and cook without bothersome sticking. Thanks to the availability of cooking sprays with different aromas, it is also an easy way to diversify your daily dishes.

Spray oil - where does its popularity among athletes come from?

Rapeseed spray oil or olive oil in an atomizer are products that are very popular among athletes and people who care about a healthy diet. The most important thing is the small amount of fat that comes out of the container - the product thus provides a negligible amount of calories - one application is only 7 kcal. This way, everyone can enjoy a tasty meal, while not including the oil used in the energy balance.

The many benefits of spray frying oil

Spray frying oil is eagerly used by many people not only for dietary reasons, but also because of the convenience of use. Spraying with grease allows for instant distribution of the product in all corners of the vessel or directly on the food product, without the use of additional kitchen utensils. In addition, aerosol oil is extremely efficient, which encourages you to buy it despite the price higher than traditional solutions.

Cooking spray - coconut or maybe rapeseed?

Each spray frying oil available in the online store is a high-quality product with a natural composition. Cooking Spray Butter is a butter-flavored aerosol oil that is sufficient for over 140 applications. This product is chosen by consumers because of the unique aroma it gives to the dishes, and the fact that it can be successfully used in baking - just spray it over the used dough mold to prevent it from sticking. This product is based on rapeseed oil, but coconut spray oil is also a popular choice among consumers. Coconut Oil Cooking Spray works exceptionally well for frying, because this type of fat is characterized by high chemical stability and a high smoke point of 200oC.