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Colaxinum - 200g
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Enzymes Shot - 60caps
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Epic Pro 25-Strain...
Jelitowa Flora Bakteryjna -...
Orange Gutbac - 60vcaps.
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Ostropest Plamisty - 1000g
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ProBiotic - 30caps.
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Probiotic - 4 - 60vcaps
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Probiotic-10 25 Billion -...
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Probiotic-10 25 Billion -...
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Probiotic-10 25 Billion -...
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Probiotic-10 100 Billion -...
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Probiotic 10 + Vitamin D -...
Probiotic 10 + Vitamin D -...
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Probiotic Acidophilus -...
Probiotic Defense - 90vegcaps.
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Probiotic with Digestive Enzymes - 60vcaps -ZAKAZANE NA TERENIE PL
Proven Fiber - 495g - Natural
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Psychobiotyk - 20kaps.
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SportBiotic - 30caps.
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Super Enzymes - 90caps. - ZAKAZANE NA TERENIE PL
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Ultimate 16 Strain...

Physical effort - both at the amateur and professional level - is a burden for the body. It makes the body exhausted, it can adversely affect the bacteria of the intestinal flora and cause inflammation. Taking all kinds of dietary supplements is to support the body in physical effort, stimulate the building of muscle tissue and add energy. Few people know that along with dietary supplements such as protein, pre-workout or post-workout supplements, it is worth taking probiotic preparations that support the functioning of the body, helpful in the fight against ailments that are not associated with imbalance in the microbiological balance of the body, e.g. problems with digestion, frequent infections or AZS.

Invite probiotic bacteria - why supplementation is important

Playing sports strains the entire body. With increased physical activity, the metabolism changes the pace, the need for nutrients and amino acids increases, and myosin fibers, which build muscles, are constantly damaged and regenerated. Probiotic for athletes is designed to support the body, take care of muscles, bones, as well as the immune and digestive systems. Probiotic bacteria play an important role in the protection of muscles, and also shorten their regeneration time by stimulating the production of amino acids that inhibit the breakdown of building proteins. They support the endurance and development of muscle tissue by increasing the absorption of nutrients, thanks to which the endurance and efficiency of the body increases.

Which probiotic to choose?

The best choice for athletes are multi-strain probiotics, which contain tested and safe probiotic bacteria. The main site of action of the probiotic is the intestines - the preparation protects the epithelium, facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The rich intestinal bacterial flora has a significant impact on the immunity of the whole organism. Probiotics are often enriched with vitamin D, which has many important functions in the body - from controlling the calcium and phosphate balance, which is extremely important for maintaining healthy bone structure, to regulating sleep and supporting the body's resistance.

Multi-strain probiotics - sometimes more is better

Probiotic supports the digestive system, enriching the intestinal flora. The probiotic bacteria present in the preparation act in the small and large intestines, supporting the absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Multi-strain probiotics often contain additional ingredients, such as fluctooligosaccharides - fiber carbohydrates that help probiotic bacteria build intestinal flora and can also aid weight loss. Thanks to the rich composition - multi-strain probiotics can be taken by people who are not training, reduce body fat or build muscle tissue.