Controlled Labs is a proven producer of supplements and nutrients for athletes. The company is based in the USA and has been operating on the market since 2005. Extensive experience translates into the quality and effectiveness of its products. Controlled Labs supplements have a GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice - Good Manufacturing Practice), which guarantees high quality of products and purity of the composition, and also indicates that the preparations of this brand do not contain any substances harmful and dangerous to the body.

Top-class preparations for athletes from Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs supplements and nutrients are aimed at athletes of various disciplines. The brand's preparations primarily serve the accelerated increase in the level of lean muscle tissue and increase the body's energy and endurance during training. If you run a sports food store or want to expand the range of products in your gym - choose Controlled Labs. Their proven, safe and effective preparations will surely be a response to the needs of your clients, supporting them in achieving their training and body goals.

Controlled Labs Supplements - Multifaceted Operation

The high quality of Controlled Labs products is certainly influenced by their carefully refined composition containing large doses of active ingredients in highly digestible forms. Carefully developed formulas and specialized research on the synergistic action of active ingredients allowed for the creation of unique products, of which the most noteworthy are pre-workout supplements, sets of amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals.

An example is Orange Triad, considered one of the best vitamin complexes in the world. It contains a set of vitamins and minerals and a formula that supports the regeneration of joints. In the case of Controlled Labs, investment in one measure is an investment in advanced operation on many levels.

Towards perfection

The Controlled Labs brand cooperates with many people from the bodybuilding and fitness industry. As a result of this cooperation, it is able to refine and improve its products for such a demanding group of recipients as professional athletes. As a result, it introduces only the highest-class supplements to the market that are popular and trusted by athletes around the world.