Protein Creams

Performers on a specialized diet or overweight people often have to deny themselves sweet snacks. The online store offers replacements for traditional sweets in the form of creams, which thanks to the low fat content and increased supply of proteins can be successfully incorporated into the daily nutrition of a physically training person. The composition of protein creams that are in good shape goes hand in hand with an excellent taste.

What are desserts made of for people who keep fit?

Protein desserts are a way to get extra protein in no time. They can be added to, among others, porridge, waffles or pancakes. These types of desserts usually contain whey protein concentrate, which is produced in the cheese-making process. It is an excellent source of amino acids, including BCAAs, which effectively support the growth of muscle mass and prevent its breakdown after exhausting workouts, and also contribute to fat loss.

Instead of sucrose, sports desserts contain low-calorie sweeteners such as maltitol and erythritol. The lack of traditional sweeteners means that the consumption of protein desserts is not associated with providing the body with a large amount of simple sugars - they are unfavorable from the point of view of healthy eating, because they significantly increase the glycemic index of meals, and at the same time do not provide long-lasting satiety and can contribute to increased fat accumulation. In addition, simple sugars are rapidly digested and contribute to sudden insulin bursts, which cause drowsiness and weariness which are undesirable during the training period.

Protein creme - types of tasty cream snacks

Spreads are used in many ways - for making sandwiches, as an addition to fruit smoothies or simply as a standalone snack. Chocolate-nut desserts are a great way to diversify your daily diet with a tasty, wholesome ingredient. Sweet spreads are reliable in satisfying your sweet tooth. Athletes agree that by including these types of products in their diets, they minimized eating unhealthy snacks between meals.

The products available at the internet warehouse contain high-quality ingredients of natural origin. The excellent properties of dietary desserts are demonstrated, among other things, by the lack of palm oil. This widely used ingredient is harmful to health because of the trans isomers, formed during the digestion of this fat, which adversely affect the properties of cell membranes.