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Peanut butters

Peanut butters are extremely tasty and are a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids. Cream of ground nuts, due to its unique properties, is eagerly included in the diet by athletes - below are the reasons for the popularity of peanut butter among enthusiasts of physical effort.

Peanut butter cream - health source of fat, protein and vitamins

An athlete's diet should be balanced and rich in high-quality, natural products. Fitness and body-conscious people tend to avoid highly processed, sweet snacks, but that doesn't mean sports fans can't enjoy eating sweets. Peanut butter is becoming more and more used as an additive in the preparation of healthy and quick meals. These can be, for example, fruit smoothies, toast or pancakes, but also dry salads with nut sauce. This product is a perfect complement to many dishes, and at the same time is healthy and valuable. Many lovers of Peanut Butter Cream products note that the unique sweet and salty taste of peanut butter effectively satisfies the desire to snack on chips or sticks between meals.

Oleic acid or omega 3, 6 and 9 acids contained in peanut butter drive the nervous system, accelerate metabolism and help maintain cardiovascular health. The popularity of peanut butters is also influenced by the high content of vitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on the development of bones and joints, as well as vitamin E - a strong antioxidant that slows down cell aging. In addition, ground peanuts are a source of arginine - an amino acid that supports the growth of muscle mass, so important in particular for bodybuilding players.

These products are also rich in valuable, easily digestible protein. Its consumption inhibits the processes of muscle breakdown and supports their growth, and at the same time counteracts the oxidative stress that accompanies many people who regularly practice sports. Peanut butters are suitable for people on a vegan diet. People who do not eat meat and animal products can easily add healthy fats and proteins to their meals.

Peanut butter products - numerous health benefits

Peanut butters are divided into two basic categories: crunchy, i.e. with the content of crunchy pieces of nuts, and smooth - nuts ground into a smooth mass. They do not differ in terms of nutritional properties, and the choice depends only on the individual preferences of the consumer. Most peanut butters are made of peanuts, but there are also cashews and macadamia nuts.