Shakers, water bottles, pillboxes

Water bottles and nutrient shakers are the basic equipment of every sports enthusiast. It is difficult to imagine functioning without comfortable accessories - after all, they accompany athletes anytime and anywhere. They are at hand both during training and at work or on a walk. They enable accurate dosing and mixing of dietary supplements, and also allow you to keep your body properly hydrated.

Gym shakers - how to choose the best one?

Shakers are essential accessories for people who introduce powdered dietary supplements into their diet. They allow you to accurately measure and prepare mixtures that provide important nutrients. There are a variety of nutrient shakers on the market, but how do you choose the best one?

Water jug - for the gym, for a walk and more...

Athletes - and others - love Water jug Gaspari. The water bottle made of PETG can hold up to 2.2 liters of liquids. Thanks to the large capacity, water is always at hand. The water bottle will be perfect for training - it has a contoured handle, and the material from which it was made is soft and flexible, making it easy to grip.

Where can you take the Water jug with you? For the gym, sports hall, walk and beach - it will work almost everywhere. It is convenient and extremely practical. It allows you to cover the total daily water requirement without the need to buy additional plastic bottles. Water jug saves money and plastic.

Water bottles worth their weight in gold

Water should be consumed regularly by both athletes and non-athletes. Systematic hydration of the body is conducive to maintaining water and electrolyte balance. During training - when the body temperature increases and the muscles work intensively - the demand for water increases, which is why gym water bottles are obligatory equipment for every athlete.