Joint regenerators

Every move, step or raising a hand requires the involvement of joints - movable connections between elements of the skeleton. Their presence and functionality are obvious, so few people realize how important their function is.

Playing sports is not only a performance challenge for the body - during intense physical exertion the joints are often overloaded, so at every level of physical activity you should take care of good condition of joints and tendons.

Supplements for tendons and joints - why are they so important?

It is widely believed that regular physical activity is enough to keep the musculoskeletal system in good shape. This myth causes that few people remember about other factors that have a decisive influence on the condition of muscles, joints and tendons. Both stretching and proper exercise are helpful and allow joints and tendons to function properly, however physically active people should supplement with joint regenerators. Nutrients are designed to strengthen the structures of the locomotor system, and in the event of an injury or damage - to help regenerate.

Natural conditioners for joints

Using what nature has given leads to amazing discoveries. Athletes looking for naturally sourced nutrients should be interested in an unusual plant - Bosewellia Serrata. Bosevelia extract has anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens and soothes pain in the bones, joints and muscles. Its rich properties have been used by the Himalaya company - the plant is the main nutrient for Boswelia ponds.

Tendons are as important as the joints of the musculoskeletal system - they are extensions of the muscles that connect to the bone, thus transferring the force of contraction. They set all parts of the body in motion and - like other parts of the locomotor system - we expose them to injuries. Joint regenerators do not always contain substances that also have a positive effect on the tendons. Tendon supplements should contain collagen, which is their basic building block. Enriching the supplement with vitamin C allows for faster and more efficient regeneration of joints and tendons.

Are there any vegan joint supplements?

Vegans often face difficulties in finding the right products among nutrients and dietary supplements. Many seemingly vegan supplements contain ingredients of animal origin. Unfortunately, problems with finding the right supplements do not relieve vegans from ailments related to joint and tendon damage.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride from SOLGAR is a completely vegan joint supplement. Glucosamine hydrochloride occurs in the human body in small amounts, and the possibilities of its synthesis decline with age. As an important component of cartilage - it is the basis for keeping joints in good condition. Joint regenerators based on glucosamine hydrochloride are a valuable support in maintaining the efficiency and regeneration of joints.