Gainer is a supplement characterized by a high-calorie composition that allows you to provide a large dose of energy in a convenient form. These types of products are intended for people striving to gain weight who do not always have time to prepare balanced meals or have a problem with a lack of appetite. A diet that allows you to gain weight should consist of 20% protein and 80% carbohydrates, and these proportions are maintained in supplements by weight. This makes them different from protein supplements, which are mostly composed of proteins.

The high-energy liquid is easy to prepare - you just need to dissolve the powder in water. Athletes eagerly reach for flavored products with which they make tasty cocktails. The liquid formula has one more important advantage - it is very easy to digest. The body does not waste energy on grinding and additional digestion of the gainer, and the substances contained in it quickly pass through the digestive system and are absorbed into the blood. The mixture of proteins and carbohydrates contained in mass supplements provides only a small amount of fat, which is especially taken care of by athletes.

Gainer - perfect for mass

Mass supplements are taken, among others, by bodybuilding athletes, in the process of increasing muscle mass, as well as by people who have a fast metabolic rate and want to develop their slim figure (hardgainers). Gainer taken in the form of a training meal, inhibits catabolic (decomposition) processes, accelerating anabolism, i.e. the synthesis of muscle tissue. Mass supplements provide energy during exercise and in the post-workout period, positively influencing muscle growth. Sugars contained in mass supplements are compounds specially selected in terms of structure so that they are absorbed as best as possible. The complex structure of sugars in gainers means that they are not quickly digested, and thus - there is no sudden insulin release in the body, which is responsible for the feeling of drowsiness and weariness.

Weight supplements with good composition

Mass supplements available in the online store are the highest quality products. In addition to the basic ingredients, preparations of this type may contain valuable minerals and vitamins, as well as glutamine or branched chain amino acids. Gainers in the offer of the store are distinguished by a carefully selected and safe composition.

Building muscle mass requires eating four to even six meals a day. Gainer supplements have gained immense popularity among athletes because they help in regular food supplementation during weight gain. This form of carbohydrate and protein intake makes it easier for many people, as covering high caloric requirements with traditional meals can be problematic and time-consuming.