Training accessories

The store offers numerous training gadgets that are used by athletes on a daily basis to facilitate the performance of various exercises. Among the products on the website you can find, among others, skipping ropes, bodybuilding belts or sets of tapes for exercising with the use of your own body weight. Training accessories often add variety to daily physical activity.

The store's offer includes, among others, training accessories for yoga. Well-absorbing material with good adhesion parameters is the basis for safe and comfortable training. The mats available on the website are made of synthetic NBR rubber, which adapts to the body during exercise, but returns to its original shape after exercise. An example is the MP SPORT Yoga Mat, which offers a good combination of the required features, while being compact and easy to transport thanks to the included straps and a cover. Some training accessories are not used directly for exercise, but help to keep the athlete properly nourished and hydrated. Often chosen training gadgets of this type are water bottles, nutrient shakers or boxes for the segregation of supplements. In addition, cooling gel pads and massage balls for sore muscles are useful during regeneration.

Weight Training Accessories

Gloves are the most frequently chosen accessories for strength training. They enable a secure grip of the bar thanks to the non-slip layer, which significantly increases safety during training with heavy weights, and also prevents hand rubbing. Gloves are a popular choice among women visiting the gym. Among the products intended for women, you can find Woman Power Pink gloves in the store. Another of the training gadgets useful for strength training are belts stabilizing the spine, which reduce the risk of injury when lifting heavy loads.

Self Exercise Training Gadgets

Some sports enthusiasts prefer to train on their own - in this group, training bands are one of the most popular exercise accessories. By wrapping them around individual parts of the body and stretching them, you can resist training different parts of the muscles. Thanks to their versatility and compact size, rubber resistance bands can be used virtually anywhere - both during group fitness classes and in the comfort of your own home. These products can be selected depending on the thickness - the greater it is, the more difficult the exercises. expanders have a similar application, which are equipped with grips at both ends and are most often used for upper body exercises during cross fit training, as well as for stretching. Sports enthusiasts often decide to buy ready-made kits, such as the Expander MP SPORT.

Training bands are also successfully used by advanced athletes when learning more difficult exercise techniques. Thanks to the resistance, the contraction of specific parts of the muscles is more perceptible and it is easier to perpetuate the appropriate pattern of movement.