Universal Nutrition creates advanced products that are the basis of the nutrition of hard training athletes and bodybuilders. Universal supplements and nutrients are products known and appreciated in over 90 countries around the world. Universal Nutrition is one of the most recognizable brands on the sports nutrition market. The quality of the brand's products is widely known and unquestionable. Universal Nutrition is the best raw materials, many years of tradition and tens of thousands of satisfied customers. It's a choice you won't regret.

The stylish design of Universal brand supplements will make them look great on the shelf in your store or gym. They will raise the prestige of your store and encourage your customers to buy.

Universal Nutrition - the undisputed leader in the fitness industry

Universal Nutrition is the undisputed leader on the market of supplements and nutrients. The high standard of production, incredible efficiency and the use of only the best ingredients make customers eagerly reach for the brand's products and return to them often.

Universal supplements and conditioners - a classic itself

Universal Nutrition comprises 3 product lines. Animal is a line that includes supplements and nutrients for advanced athletes who train in strength:

  • joint regenerators - Animal Flex,
  • fat burners - Animal Cuts,
  • supplements and vitamins Universal to support the immune system - Animal Immune Pak,
  • testosterone boosters - Animal Stak,
  • amino acids and BCAAs - Animal Nitro, Animal Omega, Animal Fury
  • pre-workouts, e.g. Animal Pump
  • and many other supplements containing vitamins and minerals Universal, such as Animal Pak - a vitamin and mineral supplement enriched with amino acids.

Universal Wholesale

The Universal series includes supplements with a wide range of applications for advanced and beginner athletes. Amino acids, creatine and creatine stacks, e.g. Universal Storm, and Universal supplements containing glutamine. The Carbrite series are dietary products that can be used in your daily diet. It includes healthy foods - snacks and bars that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.