Stacker2 is a brand known all over Europe. She has been awarded and nominated many times in prestigious competitions in Denmark and Finland, as well as in other European countries. Their products are recognizable and popular, and the group of Stacker customers is constantly growing. The company, however, does not rest on its laurels and is dynamically developing, constantly expanding the range.

Stacker2 supplements - effective and safe

The brand perfectly moves around the European market, knows the applicable laws and standards. The formulas of American-known supplements have been adapted to European standards, and the banned substances have been replaced by their legal counterparts. Stacker2 supplements are thoroughly tested and contain no harmful substances. This policy attracts customers who value the safety of their substances.

Stacker2 Nutrients - variety of offer

The manufacturer successfully conquers new markets with its specifics - its products can already be found in over 50 countries, and this number is constantly growing. The Stacker2 range is rich in protein supplements, which also come in attractive protein bars and burners, but the brand's propositions don't end there. It is also worth paying attention to:

  • Pre-training supplements
  • Free and branched amino acids
  • Tribulus and similar
  • Creatines
  • Health products

Vitamins and minerals Stacker2 - ready-made multivitamin packets

The brand also introduced vitamin preparations to its offer. Customers are offered ready-made mixtures of vitamins and minerals, named after their function. The offer includes preparations such as, for example, ImmunoStack, containing vitamin C, A, D3 and selenium. Vitamin packages have many supporters who do not like taking a handful of supplements - in Stacker2 preparations, minerals and vitamins are already combined into groups, selected according to the mode of action of the active substances.

Stacker2 - Wholesale

You will find Stacker2 products at Muscle Power, also in bulk. Choose a reliable supplier and choose a store with traditions and a long history on the market. We always issue the goods for delivery on time, so that you can receive your order on time.